SRI LANKA PROJECT: Birdhouses into People Houses

birdhouse models

We need your monetary contributions, tools, and man/woman power to get this project going. Let’s clear those old/unused tools and donate them to the Sri Lanka Project. All donations are tax deductible. What we need: jig saws, drills, drill bits, hole saws, portable drill drivers, table saws, miter saws, hammers, old door knobs and door plates, copper sheeting. You can also donate money by buying one of the Sri Lanka birdhouses which will be presold. The Sri Lanka Birdhouse to People House will also be filmed as a documentary and submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, etc. and all donors will be on the film credits. Call 510-827-5414 for any questions on how to donate. If local, drop off used tools at my studio in front of the garage. Thanks guys. By the way, I have done projects in Philippines and Mexico since the Sri Lanka project in 2005.

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About the artist: Michael “The Birdman” Parayno

P2P RESCUE: The Organization

Sri Lanka Birdhouse–wave level

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-wave level 2

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-wave level 3

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-wave level 5

Sri Lanka Project-wave level 6

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-Wave level 7

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-wave level 8

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-wave level 9

Sri Lanka Birdhouse-Tsunami Level-Underwrite the Entire Project