birdhouse models

birdland jazzista social club annual membership card 1

The price is 40.24 which is priced as (23.00, $15 shipping, and some tax) to add up to something close to $40. My default shipping for birdhouses is $15 so I tried to do it as close to $40 as possible. I can mail it to you or you can pick it up. I tried to get it as close to $40. Thanks for your support.

Benefits: Avoid Lines, get priority entry before the general public, discounts on the jazzista sessions, (that’s 4 parties a week, 16 parties a month, and 192 parties a year), free community bbq’s, discounts at the neighborhood stores and other BJSC affiliated businesses, IN OTHER WORDS, JUST GET THE FREAKIN MEMBERSHIP SO WE CAN PARTY.

Birdland Jazzista Social Club Annual Membership Card VIP $23.00