classic barn birdhouse
Classic Birdhouses(most under $99.00)
Classic Birdsace Birdhouse
College Nest Egg
COOP Birdfeeder
Copper A Frame
Copper Flower Power Birdhouse
Country Jail Birdhouse
Country Living Birdhouse
Crackle in the Big Apple
Crouching Bird, Hidden Earthworm Birdhouse
Cupola Dairy Barn Birdhouse
Customer Testimonials
Daisy Birdhouse
Disco Inferno
Dr. No
Dragon Fly
Duplex Deluxe Birdhouse
East Bay Express
East Bay Express-Visual Arts
East Meets West Birdhouse (Available Now)
Eco Chic Bathouse
El Cerrito Pacific East Mall
Estate Sale
Firenze Church Conversion
First Time Buyer
Fish Birdhouse
Fixer-uppers/Section 8 Housing($70-79)
For Better or For Worse
For Mom
Funky Berzerkeley Birdhouses
Garden Design Magazine Dec. 2004 and March 2005
Gettin' Gothic in Prague
Gilroy Barn Conversion
Give Your Friends a House
Golden Gate Audobon Society
Gospel Church Birdhouse
Hexagon Vertigris Copper
Hey There, Lonely Bird
High Rise Apartment Birdhouse
Imelda Marcos' Swiss Chalet Birdhouse(back on market)
International Standard of Ornithology(ISO 2013-2014)
Jack's Cuckoo Clock
Jackson Hole Barn Artist Loft Birdhouse
John Col A Frame
Kinka Gucci Temple Birdhouse

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